Promotional videos are short, engaging pieces that explain a product or service in a simple way. Because of their use of storytelling and high-quality, promo videos are very engaging and powerful.

They can explain any kind of business idea, and they do it in just 90 seconds or less. In fact, creating one of these videos is the best thing you can do (marketing-wise) when you need to communicate a lot of complex information to your audience!

The fact is that these videos are one of the most used marketing tools right now because they’re really effective.

We produce compelling promotional videos that captivate audiences, inspire action and drive results for businesses and brands. Content that your customers will love. Content that gives customers the confidence to take the next step.

The big secret to effective promotional videos is creating content that’s interesting & useful. By creating content that captivates and connects viewers emotionally you can deliver your core messages effectively.

We believe video should deliver results. That’s why we work in collaborative partnerships rather than settling for just being a supplier. We take the time to get to the root of your brand, your goals, and who you want to influence.

These videos are specifically designed for your audience to be engaged and watch it all the way through – so they’ll respond positively to a strategically placed call to action. With this, you can make them subscribe to your newsletter, fill a form, download specific material, visit your online shop…

If your animated sales video is done right, then it’ll feature branded details like your brand’s colors, customized characters and such. This way, your audience will know who’s behind the video: because it will be customized to fit perfectly in with the rest of your brand’s communications.

How to make the best promotional video! Some tips:

If you want to get all the advantages that come with a promo video, then you’ll need to do it right. So, if you’ve decided to include one of these videos in your marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place! These are some tips to create the best promo video ever:

Every famous movie has a story that follows the classic script structure of three stages: a beginning, a middle and an end. With promotional videos, you need to go a step further!

Divide your story into these three stages, but spice it up by adding specific purposes for each one. For the beginning, you should explain the “What”: What is the problem for your audience that will be solved by the use of your product or service?

Then, the middle of the narrative should answer the “How”: How can your product help your audience, how will it solve their problems?

And finally, the “Why”: Why should they choose you, instead of the competition?